Aviva Landlord Insurance

Aviva Landlord Insurance

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Aviva Landlord Insurance

Aviva are currently the UK’s largest insurance provider. Founded in 2000 by two british insurance firms, Aviva prides itself for having over 300 years of heritage.

With over 31 million customers worldwide, they are a known, recognised and trusted insurance provider. You can choose from a large range of insurance policies and choose and be provided with a quote instantly. Their services aren’t just for landlords, their policies include life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and many more.

They have not, however, had the best record when providing customer service. Some of their customers have been quoted noting that although the policy is good, the service that comes along with it is poor and in some cases the worst they have ever had.

See below what other people thought of Aviva landlord Insurance

“Great and helpful customer service team, minus the long waiting time. Their claims team were very sympathetic and understanding” – Leah

“Aviva’s content insurance policy is not all is it made out to be. My property was flooded, I called them to make a claim and they left on hold for nearly an hour. When they finally got on the phone they were nothing but rude and not really helpful.” – Andrew