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Axa Landlord Insurance

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AXA was first introduced in 1985. In the UK they help millions of customers and have built a strong brand throughout the years.

They offer unique policies that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and as a standard, all policies are accompanied by an offer of liability cover for their property owners.

They have received a large amount of praise for their quality of service, customer care and ability to provide the right quotes for you. This is a trait that can be rare in the insurance industry and is something that should be seen as a value when looking for insurance providers.

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“AXA were really helpful when I had to make a claim (unfortunately)  a couple months back, they talked me through all the channels available to me. Definitely would recommend them!” – John

“AXA offer policies that were exactly what I was searching for when I first purchased my property. They offered me a consultation and provided me with the best policy for my property.” – Clive

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