Total Landlord Insurance

Total Landlord Insurance

total landlord insurance

15 years of experience gave them a head start when they converted from Hamilton Fraser to Total Landlord Insurance. They do, however, openly tell people that it was simply a change in name – it remains to be the same team, the same opportunities, the same quality and most importantly the same value for their customers.


Popular for their ‘full cover between tenancies’, they have a loyal customer base as this extends to all. They aim to:

1) Identify the needs of the customer

2) Find the policies that best suit those needs

3) Help them to choose the best quote for them


They have a range of policies that vary in cover, all of which are clearly evaluated and presented.

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“the premier landlord insurance policy has everything I was looking for. Good customer service and very helpful” – Geoffrey

“Great policies but not particularly helpful when you need to make a claim for accidental damages.” – James